Phil Putnam Bio


1.  I’m an American singer/songwriter and recording artist who sounds a lot like Elton John, Ben Folds, and Sara Bareilles.

2.  I was born/raised in Sacramento, CA, and have lived in New York City since 2008.

3.  I have written and released 8 albums, and am about to release my 9th.

4.  Yep, I’m gay.

5.  I taught myself to play piano and write songs when I was 18.

6.  I have Tourette’s Syndrome.

7.  I have a relationship with ice cream.  This is not hyperbole.

8.  I watch DVD episodes of The West Wing, Studio 60, Friends, Damages, Gilmore Girls, Alias, and 30 Rock repeatedly, and with great joy.

9.  I post on Facebook and Twitter a lot.  You can Like and Follow me by clicking Like and Follow.

10.  95% of my songwriting happens in my head before I even touch the piano.

11.  I am a terrible sleeper.

12.  I am extremely productive at night.

13.  I HATE wasting time.

14.  I almost always arrive early to everything.

15.  I end up wasting a lot of time by arriving early to almost everything.