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My new album, “Those Who Stay“, released on March 1.  Click here to listen to 3 of the songs and buy the album.

Hard to believe that it’s my 9th album, and even harder to believe that it’s been over 10 years since my last release.  There was a lot of life lived in those 10 years, a lot of lessons learned and lines crossed, and in the midst of that these 14 new songs were born and raised.

“Those Who Stay” is just as personal as my work always has been, but is the largest in scope of anything I’ve ever done.  It took the longest, cost the most, covers the widest range of styles and moved me forward the farthest as an artist and human.

It’s also the most hopeful, and speaks a new optimism for me.  Most of my music over the years has been, in some way, about those who leave.  But now, I’m looking full in the face of those wonderful souls who stay.