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It’s not unusual that I’ve been recording a new album over the past year (with 8 albums out already, this is kind of my thing).

What is unusual is that I’ve been pretty quiet about it so far.  Truth is I’ve really enjoyed not marketing the process, and have had a blast fully experiencing the process of making this record.  Time has come, though, to let the cat out of the bag.  Or more like a tiny part of the cat.  Like a playful whisker, or an adorable little paw.  Making up for lost time, here’s a cat-paw’s worth of catching up on the making of this record so far…


TWS Demos


It started in November 2011 when Producer Steve Wallace and I began work on the arrangements.

TWS Arrangements 1  IMG_1581


We let arrangements take a long time, and by this June we were ready to start recording.  I went to Cape Cod where Jon Evans played bass and Matthias Bossi did the drums.


TWS Drum Bass 1  TWS Drum Bass 2


Then July 2012 rolled around and I did the piano in NYC on July 28 & 29 (my bday!).


TWS Piano Sessions 1  TWS Piano Sessions 2



Lead Vocals happened in the East Village NYC from August 1-25th with a great Engineer named Nick Miller.  At the same time Producer Steve was recording guitars in Sacramento, CA with genius guitarist Garrett Fonda.


TWS Lead Vox Sessions 1  TWS Lead Vox Sessions 2


Yay for airplanes.  In September I flew to Sacramento and did background vocals with Producer Steve, Sarah Price, and Erin Tennis Ward.  It was 2 days of Ooooh….Ahhhhh….dick jokes…..Ooohh…..more dick jokes.


TWS BGV Sessions 2  TWS BGV Sessions 1


Then came strings.  I was super conductor-ey.  That’s Lisa Lawson on viola and her husband Michael on cello.


TWS Strings Sessions 1  TWS Strings Sessions 2


And then horns.  Monica Wright is the foxy flute player.  Stephen Bingen is the super horn player.


TWS Horn Wind Sessions 1  TWS Horn Wind Sessions 1


These pics hardly represent the full scale of what I’ve done over the past 2 years, but it’s a nice slice, the short version of what has been a tremendous life-altering process so far.  Many more alters to come, I am sure.  Stay close.