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“What’s it like to write a musical?” has been a pretty common question since I announced that I am writing More Than This in January.  So I thought I’d answer.  Writing an original musical (not based on a book, movie, TV show, story, or other type of previously existing idea) is like a lot of things, including:

-Feeding a teenaged boy

-Being a teenaged boy

-The perfect merging of my three most favorite activates in life: talking, eating, and spending time with people I love.

-Invigorating.  After 15 years of making music for a certain purpose (my albums), I get to make music for a new purpose and figure out how to use my talents in this new way.  It’s the kindest thing you can do for a career artist, give them the space to be renewed.

-Amazing.  Ideas are everywhere.  This show WILL win the Tony’s.

-Awful.  I’m out of ideas.  This show sucks.

-Complete abandonment of your previously-held ideas of how much time writing a musical should/will take.