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New album "Those Who Stay" available now

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Happy and I Know It

Posted on Nov 22 by

This is my favorite pic from the 3 years I spent making my new record.  It was during a lead vocal session in NYC, August 2013 at Mercy Studios in the East Village.  The blurry...


Travel with Spares

Posted on Nov 20 by

The question isn’t so much why do I use Cherry Chap Stick, but how did I end up with 3 in my backpack while on a flight to Cincinnati this week.

Also, Katy Perry.


What’s It Like to Write a Musical?

Posted on Nov 15 by

“What’s it like to write a musical?” has been a pretty common question since I announced that I am writing More Than This in January. So I thought I’d answer…


Studio Pics from the New Album

Posted on Nov 1 by

It’s not unusual that I’ve been recording a new album over the past year (with 8 albums out already, this is kind of my thing). What is unusual is that I’ve been pretty quiet about it so far…